Seniors Cell Phone Reviews

The new Jitterbug J from Samsung has many more features than the original cell phone for seniors. Jitterbug has also chosen to market the phone to anyone looking for simple instead of just senior citizens. The new Jitterbug J from Samsung is a great cell phone for anyone that needs a phone they can learn to use quickly.

One of the main issues of the the first Jitterbug was the in ability to call 911 out of your calling zone. This issue has finally been resolved.

The most important selling point to the jitterbug J is the simplicity. This cell phone has no crazy features and every part of it is easy to use. It comes with a large well lit screen and a large keyboard with a bright back lite making dialing a breeze. With its simple design the jitterbug looks like it is made to be dropped a few times and still be fully functional.

It comes with a powerful speaker and many different levels for those that have trouble hearing. Most cell phones only have a few different volume levels while the Jitterbug has many, and they go far louder than any other cell phone.

All of the options and menus for the Jitterbug are comprised of Yes and No menus. This makes navigating and setting up your cell phone easy even with no technical experience.

If you have some trouble dialing and need some assistance you can speak with an operator by dialing zero. This operator will call you by name and be of great service. The Jitterbug J can hold all of your address book within its memory.

When compared to predecessor the Jitterbug J comes with many more features. Some of these features include; simple text messaging, Blue tooth capability, premium voice mail, no contract, voice dialing, and an easy to use system. If you are looking for a simple yet affordable cell phone then the Jitterbug J is for you.

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